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Self Portait

A self portrait in the form of a pose-able puppet that combines a variety of techniques – 3D scanning, computer modelling, additive manufacture and other traditional methods of manufacture.


This puppet acts as a surrogate or facsimile which references classical figurative sculpture, china dolls and modern action figures. As an object it has the potential to be animated but remains inanimate, it is this latent quality that I find interesting as it disrupts the expectations of the viewer. The ability of the figure to change its pose and function gives this self portrait the potential to create an infinite number of transient moments.


The head was scanned using structured light and later edited to be combined with a body which was created in 3D modelling software. Later the whole form was separated and engineered using CAD programs in order to create moving joints. Cavities were created in the face that would later allow for the addition of the eyes and the body; extremities were hollowed to leave a path for the elastic to join all the parts together. I think it is the combination of materials, as well as the juxtaposition between reality capture in the creation of the head and a digitally designed body that make this work successful and slightly unsettling.

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