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Digital Object

The work Troubled Kingdom depicts a giant moose in an empty landscape, carrying the weight of a city which resembles some kind of favela. It appears that the occupants have constructed the buildings directly on the animals back and it looks as though they would move along with the body. There is also a make shift scaffolding skirting around the edge of the dwellings enabling the structures to spill out from their host, this shows that the environment is over capacity and the creature is being overwhelmed, now being in danger of succumbing to its load. In this piece I wished to create an untold fable that examines the balance of the environment we live in and acts as an allegory for belief systems in a digital age.


Using a mixture of digitally sculpted and 3D scanned objects, Troubled Kingdom is a digital object. The work exists as code in the computer and is only ever seen as a depiction of a three dimensional rendered image in the form of pixels read by software through a series of algorithms.

For exhibition, I decided that I would explore the nature of a digital object through its physical manifestations, to do this I decided to represent the object in four forms.


The first was a physical object created through additive manufacture (3D printing). The second is a digital print of a rendered version of the digital object. The third is a laser engraving of the first page of text out of forty thousand pages describing the object through coordinate points of each of the vertices in its geometry. Finally there is a flash drive containing all the data (3D file and text code) which is embedded inside the physical object. This final piece is out of view from the viewer and can only be seen if we brake open 3D printed object.

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